January 07, 2020

How do I install the tree of life in the game township?

Build your own village anywhere and anytime 

Are you considering to construct a village of our own to exhibit your workmanship? You may sense that most of the constructions that are on the road are like the great castles, If you feel so, get ready to play the game Tree of Life. 

Build the village of your choice wherever you want to. It is possible for you to be anyone like you can be a ruler who governs a vast grand territory, a village for wanderers or prepares a league to safeguard the players in the game.

The one beautiful world.

Our world is full of threats. Take time to make some research on the tree of life world by sitting inside the room. To explore the desert move toward and enjoy the sunshine, shooting stars, hunt a apparition, discover unusual cactus. 

If you choose the North Pole rather than exploring the desert, you can do so. you can discover the snow filled field. Don’t forget to get your cozy leather costumes, also be cautious about the bears. Just enjoy the one beautiful world.

Player-based Economy

If you are exhausted from the endless debates and you desire to assist your group as one of the league partners, If you want to be a champion, move the whole economy of the game. 

Build and conserve your own plantation, then produce food to assist your club. Be a imperial trader, transport the goods throughout the globe, you could even be a genius who makes fair weapons at a fictitious level.

21 Class combinations

Fictitious master the 5-star chef and the best soldier on the earth, Why can’t you be a powerful fighter and 5-star cook simultaneously? A cook who snatches a huge brown bear in his own hands, since it has nearly 21 job grades throughout the globe, it is possible for you to create your own identity the way you want to.

Be a friend or be an opponent.

The actual world has ample tough choices. but in the game of tree of life, You have the potential be a good buddy with other players, or you could even be a night guard to safeguard the unique world order or extend a prize for fugitives to give them justice. 
It will depend on your discretion, be vigilant, don’t be deceived. Anyone can offer a bonus or prize to you.

Fight against your enemy!

The Grand castles often win a lot of applause. Actually the monsters may envy at you, so keep quiet and never get scared, even though they start the war to capture your territory. 

This would be a great opportunity to be the best soldier in the game. Be a warrior by overthrowing your opponents who try to seize your great castle. 

Are you ready for the Tree of Life? Play your own game, create your own world. In the Tree of Life world, you can be whatever you want to be, and you can accomplish anything.

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